GMYLE micro card reader

I love my iPhone.  I was a fairly late convert.  I just didn’t want to give up my Android device.  The two main reasons were:

  • You can’t change the battery in and iPhone easily.
  • The iPhone doesn’t have an SD card slot, so you are stuck with however much memory you buy with the phone.

These are both valid reasons, but I eventually made the plunge and I have been able to work around both of these issues.  And yes, they have both been issues at some point or another in the past few years.

gmyleI have just discovered the solution to one of these issues, and it is a product that is a micro-USB card reader from GMYLE that plugs into the lightning port of your iPhone and allows you to access whatever is on the card, transfer photos and videos, and much more.

It works beautifully, and is super fast.  If I shoot a video with my phone, I can quickly transfer it to a micro-SD card and view it/convert it/edit it/save it.  It’s a beautiful thing.

I travel a lot, and MUST be entertained on the flight.  This usually means that I carry my tablet with me and watch movies or TV shows that I have purchased through Google Play.  I love that I can save them to an SD card, along with audio books or whatever, and when my tablet runs out of battery life, I can pop out the SD card, put it in this device and continue watching on my phone.

Also, if you store photos and videos on a card rather than the phone, you save the memory for apps.  Or not.  If you aren’t using as much memory, your battery lasts longer.  You can store photos and videos on SD cards and pop them into your phone when you want to show people, or just move stuff around in a way that is most convenient for you.

One thing about traveling with others is that each of you tend to take different pictures with your individual phones.  This is an easy way to pool all the photos into one place.

I received this product from the company to test it and give my honest feedback.  My opinion:  Truly a genius product, and I have no idea why someone didn’t already think of it!  It supports cards up to 256 GB!  That’s a LOT of extra memory for you.  If you have other Apple devices, like an iPad or a MAC, you can easily and seamlessly move stuff from one device to the other.

If you want one, you can purchase it here.


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