Sleep Number Bed

Today, I went to my local Sleep Number store.  I was on a mission.  Recently it has been brought to my attention that almost all of the changes I had been noticing in myself since turning 40 might NOT be age-related, but because I’m not getting good quality sleep!

I actually learned this at my dentist’s office as a result of being diagnosed with sleep apnea (more on that in another post).  Poor sleeping night after night, over time, can cause excess weight gain, irritability, needing more caffeine upon waking (coffee lovers unite!), and even forgetfulness.  At one point in my life, I had a decent vocabulary.  Now, more often than not I find myself saying, “what is that word?”

I had a great experience at the store.  The guy that was helping me was very informative, and helped me figure out my sleep number.  I never realized how much more comfortable a bed could be.  I want the one that raises my head and feet, which would be perfect for reading before bed.  No more waking with aches and pains!

Also, the Sleep IQ technology looks really cool.  It tells you how well you sleep, what your heart and breathing rate are throughout the night, etc.  It will even sync to your health app on your phone so you can keep up with it.

They are a bit more expensive than a regular mattress, but I was surprised at how little the difference was between what I paid for my mattress and what I would be able to get a sleep number set for.  I’m definitely going to be saving up for one, I am ready to lose this excess weight and reverse the clock by a few years!

Do any of you own a sleep number mattress?  What has been your experience?

My mission to the sleep number store was initiated by Smiley 360, and I am going to get a free pillow just for visiting the store!  That’s pretty cool!  To find out more about sleep number or Smiley 360, visit



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