Manual Coffee Grinder Review

coffeegrinder3I am officially a coffee snob, I think. I have gotten so used to the taste of freshly ground coffee that I almost can’t stand the stale taste of coffee that has already been ground. I order my coffee beans through a CSA or purchase them at the grocery store. The coffee grinder that I typically use is an electric grinder that I purchased several years ago, and it works well, but it is VERY LOUD! It always seems that when I am ready for coffee, everyone else in the house is still asleep, so using the electric grinder is not a good option, because it is so loud it would potentially wake everyone in the house. That is why I began searching for a good manual grinder.

This one arrived today, and I immediately tore into it to test it out. My immediate impression was that the packaging was unimpressive and the directions aren’t very clear. The grinder itself is also a little smaller than I was expecting. Suffice it to say, I wasn’t expecting much.

coffeegrinderHowever, it is so easy to use and so whisper quiet that I was sold as soon as I started turning the handle! It IS small, though. You are only able to grind about 1/4 cup of coffee at a time, so if you are planning to make a large pot, you will have to repeat the process several times. I generally only make 2-3 cups at a time, though.. so this is perfect for me. I actually love the small size of the grinder. It would be so easy to travel with, and you can hold it in one hand while you turn the handle with the other.

coffeegrinder2I filled the top portion with the coffee beans, replaced the top, and began turning the handle. It actually worked pretty fast. There is a window on the bottom portion of the grinder that allows you to see the ground coffee as it is being emptied into the bottom section. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to tell when I was finished, so I kept checking. This was needless because it is easy to feel when there is no coffee left by the way the grinder works. The whole process was quick and easy. I am very glad I made this purchase, and will probably buy a couple more to give away as gifts. The construction of the grinder is a thin stainless steel. The top is a bit awkward to get on as it only fits on a certain way, but this is something I will surely get used to over time.

I received this item at a discounted price to test it and provide feedback.  Overall, this is a good little grinder. If you have never used freshly ground coffee, I would highly recommend that you try it, and this grinder is a good, simple way to start enjoying the taste of fresh coffee.  If you would like to purchase it, you can do that here.


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