GMYLE lightning flash drive

flash_driveIf you haven’t tried a lightning flash drive, you really should.  I recently tried the GMYLE brand flash drive, and I absolutely adore this device. I don’t know why this hasn’t been part of my life for a long time. Seriously, what a great product. Truly plug-n-play. The biggest issue I have had with my phone is keeping up with the photos. I travel a LOT, so I take tons of photos, and they fill up my phone fast. This is such a simple way to transfer my photos and keep them organized. I was able to transfer my photos to the device (took no time at all to transfer over 600 photos and videos), then plug the device into the computer and transfer them, organize them into folders, etc. It can’t get much easier than that.

After transferring the photos, I was able to safely delete them from the drive and from the phone, freeing up the space for the next trip. You can also easily and quickly transfer the photos to the device so you can show them on a larger screen. No more passing around your phone, hoping that no one touches the screen and closes the photo, or swipes to view the next photo that you didn’t necessarily want everyone to see. You can transfer all your photos, or you can select the ones that you want to transfer. On one side of the device is the lightning-type USB connector that goes into the iPhone charging port. The other side is a typical USB connector that you can then plug into a television or computer so you can quickly and easily share your photos.

I just transferred a large video from my phone to my computer in just a few seconds!  I couldn’t upload the video to dropbox because I didn’t have enough space available, and it wouldn’t let me email it.  This was a great solution for that particular problem, and SO fast!

The device is very sturdy and well made. I can see it lasting for many years. It is a very handy device to have for anyone that owns an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Finally, a quick and easy way to transfer files and free up space on your phone. Even high-quality videos transfer in mere seconds.  If you want to try it, it is surprisingly affordable, and you can purchase it here.

*I received this product as a sample from the company in order to test it.


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