Levoit Humidifier/Diffuser Review

This humidifier/diffuser is great! It looks cuter than most, so you can actually leave it out on the counter even when it is not in use. This is because of the wooden base, the embossed lettering, and the real frosted glass top. The “buttons” to turn the humidifier on and off and to activate the color changing light are not buttons at all, they are sensors, which gives the entire unit a more sleek and polished look.

It is small enough to not need much room, but still large enough to hold enough water to allow for a decent running time. It has an automatic shut-off feature, so you don’t have to worry about setting it and forgetting it. It is a very well-made unit that will last for years with proper care. One big thing is that in these types of humidifiers you MUST use water soluble oils, which sounds like a misnomer and is often misunderstood. What makes an oil water soluble? There are two different ways to make oil mix with water. You can either mix it with an emulsifier, or you can buy esterified oils. Obviously, the easiest way is just to buy esterified/water-soluble oils, but they can be pricey, and you have less control over the process. You can make any oil water soluble by diluting it with certain alcohols, hydrogenated castor oil, or sea salt. I mix mine with ethanol, since that doesn’t affect the scent while still making the oils water soluble. I can then use the oils in perfumes or in my bathwater as well (without gunking up the bathtub). Before you add your mixture to the humidifier though, you should test them out with regular water in a glass or bowl. That way you can make sure you got your mixture right.

I received this product for free to test and provide my honest feedback and unbiased review. Based on my personal experience, I would say this is among the most stylish and well-built diffusers I have used, at a much more affordable price than many of the brands in the same quality category. If you are in the market for a humidifier or diffuser, this is an excellent choice.  If you would like to purchase this product, you can do that here.


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