Skiva Cord-To-Go MicroUSB review

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love this product! I travel a lot, and love to take my tablet with me when I travel. The biggest issue with taking several different types of electronics with me when I travel is that I hate having to pack and unpack all the charging cables. The other issue that I have while traveling is wrapping the cords back up and storing them to keep them from getting tangled. This charging cable solves both of those issues.

It is so compact, and even comes with a tiny little carabiner clip. It is made of plastic, but it seems to be a heavy duty plastic that I anticipate will last for many years with no issues. Now all I need to do is find one JUST LIKE THIS for my iPhone and I will be all set!

Some people mentioned that it is difficult to get the ends tucked back in. The cord itself if actually shared between the two ends, one being the actual USB end and the other being the micro-USB. You can pull out the cord on one side to give yourself a bit of leeway to insert each end, and then repeat for the other side. Hopefully this will help someone with that particular issue. There is a little sticker on the device when you first open it that contains a quick guide showing the best way to open and close the device, as well as a full set of instructions, which are easy to follow along with and understand.

It is very small and lightweight, which I love. This makes it so easy to travel with. The whole thing is just about an inch and a half long and about an inch wide. It would be easy to tuck into a purse or bag, pocket or even a wallet to make sure you always have a charging cable with you, even if you aren’t carrying a key ring (which I rarely do when I travel)

The best part is… it works! I was able to charge my tablet quickly and with no problems. It actually seemed to charge faster than with the original cord. The device didn’t get too hot, either. When it was finished charging, I simply tucked the ends back into the device, and it is ready for the next time I need to charge!


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