GearShield Sport 2 Waterproof, Dust Proof, Snow Proof, Shock Proof Protective Case

I am so impressed with this case. First, as a case:

–The buttons line up well, are easy to press, and feel good.
–The overall feel of the case screams quality. It is flexible enough to not feel brittle while still being sturdy enough to over rugged protection for the expensive phone.
–The packaging is nice, and speaks to the quality of the contents.
–Gear Beast has included a wrist strap, which is great. I don’t mean a cheap, flimsy wrist strap, either.
–They have also included in the package a super nice cleaning cloth and a headphone extender.
–It fits the phone perfectly.
–The phone is perfectly protected inside the case, but the case isn’t bulky, which is very nice.
–It is perfectly water-tight as well.

As to the waterproofing:

–All of the vulnerable areas are protected. They truly thought of everything.
–The headphone jack? There is a twist off cover for that.
–But what if you want to listen to headphones? They thought of that too. That is what the extender is for. It screws in and has an o-ring to form a perfectly tight seal around the phone.
–The charging port? Protected. 🙂
–You can even hear the phone fine through the case because the areas covering the microphone and speakers are a thinner, rubber material that doesn’t affect sound quality.
–I submerged the thing in water for 45 minutes and there were absolutely NO leaks.
–I dropped the case and it did not break (I didn’t attempt either of these tasks with my phone inside, so don’t worry)

phone_caseThe company recommends that you remove your screen protector prior to installing the case, because it can make the touch screen less sensitive, but I did not have any problem with the case even with my screen protector still on the phone. I didn’t really notice a difference at all in the touch sensitivity, but since that is a recommended step, I’m sure it might affect some users’ experience.

For the price, this thing really is a BEAST! I watched videos where the thing was dropped from 6 feet up and then submerged in water and the phone worked fine through all that!

If you are around water regularly, or worry about spills (or dropping it in the sink or toilet); you could use this as your everyday case. This is because the case doesn’t affect the responsiveness of the phone. I didn’t even have a noticeable drop in call quality as far as the microphone or the speakers. I probably won’t personally, because the waterproofing makes access to the charging port, headphone jack, and silent switch a little less convenient. However, when I go to the beach, the pool, or plan to spend the day around water, this is the perfect case!

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  You can purchase the case on Amazon here.

What would you like us to tout about?


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